Friday 29 August 2014

Time for Expansion

Flowering amidst the rocks
Sometimes you may find that while on your journey along the highway of life.  There is an unwanted detour and well, things can get a little rocky, to say the least.  Often during these dormant times, it seems there are lessons to be learned.  It may not have seemed like it, and yet you were in fertile soil, and the sun was there each day to provide warmth, and showers to nurture you.
Then one day the slightest of a crack may appear in the darkness and shadows that have surrounded you.  This is your opportunity to pass through this experience travel into the light.  It's a time for expansion to grow into the awaiting new reality, unfolding before you.
A new world with unlimited potential and possibilities grows through this crack, waste not a moment.
It is your season, to blossom.

Thursday 3 July 2014

Robin Story

I awoke this morning at 5:00am to the familiar song of a Robin in the garden.  Maybe it’s not the most eloquent of songs, just a few chirps, but it’s so obvious that it’s a song of joy and praise,  one that is sung each day, whether blue skies or all grey,  states clearly that “I, Robin, am thankful to be alive”.  A song defined by an attitude of gratitude, one of receiving and recognizing the abundance surrounding him.

The declaration to all, who will listen, that The Creator of this universe, has provided the dawn of another day, to be lived to the fullest.  Robin seems to know that much is taken care of, giving praise that all things are provided for, and that this world is a place of abundance indeed. 

At the end of this day, as I lay my head on my pillow I hear that Robin at it again.  I noticed the same little red breasted fellow takes to song yet again.  During the twilight of this day, he sings the evening song of thanks.  My little friend is still singing his heartfelt gratitude for having had lived this day, Robin seems fully alive and truly in the moment.

For me, it is one of those defining moments in life; do you know what I mean? There’s a choice to be made, and all choices always lead to a different experience. 

While I am drifting towards sleep, I recognize that I am at a now all too familiar crossroads; it’s a tree-lined country road. There’s a stop sign and sometimes I have stalled there in life, but now I am free to move on down the highway.  I promised myself to awaken in the morning, Spirit’s willing, and join Robin in a song of praise and thanks for being granted the opportunity to witness the dawn of a new day, and experience it to the fullest.

Tuesday 20 May 2014


Guiding Voice

I am
a Guide,
I will Guide you to get in touch with the Great Healer within.
All you need to know to heal yourself – lies within You.
I will help you find – get in touch – with Your Power.
I will help you to free yourself, to Love Your Self
Be a part of the Great Healing Process.

I will Guide you to develop the Healing Words, as a part of Your Own Healing Journey – to Health, Happiness, Success, Peace, Joy and Bliss; To find the secrets that all Humans want, need and Desire to live that full and fruitful life – Fulfillment.
Guide you to your own personal freedom from within – which will, when fully realized, give you The Power to "co-create" all that You Desire, and help bring it forth into your New Reality, of your own new successful happy healthy full Life.